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Art and its related works give us happiness and inner peace and this helps in self realization .It is a universal truth that, people who are interested in art, who adore art, who feel happy about it, are considered to be real human beings. I am happy to be a part of this art exhibition. These talented children have done a beautiful work.

As years go by, due to school, colleges, exams and other commitments, children suppress their talents and skills which is a big mistake. If we consider our selves to be talented and skilled, then it’s our responsibility to foster it and spend some time for it. More than the child, it is their parents, relatives and friends who are happy in this great event. I feel immense pleasure to see their happiness.
I am happy to see the works of art in this exhibition conducted by Sri Annai Kamakshi Kaliakudam. All the paintings which are being kept for display are truly remarkable. Each and every painting portrays a unique story. Moreover, every work exhibits the tradition, and culture of Tamil Nadu .Endorsing these beautiful works of art is really good and I heartily appreciate the effort put by the parents. The kids, who get trained in art, not only become great artists in the future but also become a great human beings and achievers.

It helps the child focus and aids them in developing their creativity. Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalikudam has been doing a remarkable work in training the achievers of tomorrow in art. I appreciate and congratulate Mr.Venkatachalapathy who is the Director and the pillar of this grand chitramela art exhibition.
I felt so happy when I was invited to this art exhibition. I do not know the techniques of Art but I have the heart to adore and admire it. There are different forms of art. Sculptures and paintings are those which are the epic forms of art. After I have come here, I have got an opportunity to learn things, to learn about art works. Whatever we do with Passion, with all our heart, it would result in wonders. The same way these kids have done their Works of art with lot of passion and effort and this has resulted in a fabulous outcome.

I used to tell my Students that they should have KASH.
K-knowledge | A-Attitude | S-Skill | H-Habbit.

These four things make a person more valuable. There are different kinds of skills and among those skills, EXTRA CURRICULAR SKILL is the most needed. This art exhibition not only shows their talent but their interest and passion to their Work. The basic training given to the kids are really appreciable and I applaud and congratulate Mr.Venkatachalapathy for his wonderful effort.
I appreciate Mr.Venkatachalapathy for his consistent effort and work in building and organizing Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam. Painting is the first form of art that dates back thousands of years before. It started with the ancient men who portrayed their ideas, form of life through paintings in caves and stones. He used his hunting weapons and tools for his art works. In the recent times, kids start to draw, scribble art before then tend to talk ,there is always been a wide gap between the parents and the children. This is due to the difference in opinion and incapability of understanding things and incapability of adapting to the situation. Recent survey tells us that people of age 18 have blood pressures, mental stress more than that of people of 70 years of age. Parents need to encourage their children in what they are passionate in doing, in what they are keen and interested. I am happy to see the paintings and works of these children of Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam.
The ancient human lived in forest. Led a life by eating raw meats of animals. At first he feared nature. Then he started to worship nature. Started to live in caves. Lot of mishaps led to extinction of animal life in forests. Forest fires demolished the animal livings .the ancient stone age men touched those burnt animals. He felt the heat of it. He kept his fingers in his tongue to cool off. It was that moment he realized the taste of cooked meat is better than the raw ones. This was the first step of his civilization. So, he discovered the fire. This was his second mile stone. He then started to express his feelings through actions. This was his third mile stone. Following this, he invented wheels and the means of transportation. To meet his group of people all over the places, which was his fourth milestone. He then started to express his ideas, thoughts, wishes, imagination through the form of art. This was his most significant milestone. Art is a medium, through which he realizes and expresses himself.

The moment when he started to flourish in art and culture, he started to vary himself from the animal nature of being. I am so pleased and happy to be a part of this art exhibition. We need to encourage our children to utilize and foster their talents. I appreciate the parents, tutors, facilitators, children of Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam for this wonderful effort.
My daughter V. Shivani is learning Art and Bharathanatyam in Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam. I am very impressed with the training my daughter has received towards the above skills and she is doing very well. I am very happy with the art my daughter has created with the help of her Guru Mr Venkatachalapathy who encouraged her and displayed her art in the exhibitions. Many other women who are working professionals are also being taught by this institute as 'Age is not an important factor for learning'. I wish many people learn many skills from this reputed institution and I wish all the children studying in this institution a bright future.
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