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Students on Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam

I pursued my education in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. From childhood I always had a passion towards painting. Finally the aspiration for paintings was transferred into an exhibition.

Painting is a journey of compassion and healing. It is an opportunity to embark on the greatest of all human journeys. I gained a profound insight through this process. It is a joy to rediscover painting in the years after graduation. Thanks to Mr.Venkatachalapathy for the gentle encouragement and for creating such a safe environment for insight and growth. Kalaikudam is a place of transformation.

I was very much elated when my family and friends were amazed by the paintings that emerged from me as a creator.
Any form of art is beautiful. It is an expression of our inner feelings. An art institution is a place where our talents take shape under the able guidance of a talented teacher.Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam is a haven for art lovers of all ages as it fosters creativity in anyone who seeks to pursue their passion for colours and the canvas and I am very proud to be a part of this esteemed institution.

I was 65 years when I actively got into painting. Just the idea of creativity of art on an easel was a “dream come true” for me.My first painting on canvas was an exciting milestone in my life. Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam has nurtured my hidden potentials and has brought forth the creativity in thousands of children and elders.

This institution is a valuable asset to our community.
Art is something I was interested in since my childhood. Paintings bring happiness and joy to me. My interest in art was honed by my guru Shri Venkatachalapathy, Director of Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam.

It is a great pleasure to use colours and create paintings. I would call ART as an Awesome Relaxation Technique. Creating Painting is a good relaxation to the mind as it takes you away from the busy life.My guru encouraged me to keep a solo exhibition which made me create art worksof different types. The solo exhibition was held at the Achalam art gallery from 28th July ’12 to 3rd August ’12 and it was well received by the are lovers who visited. The encouraging comments made by them really boosted my confidence in Art and has given me the pride to call myself an “Artist”. Solo exhibition and Group Exhibitions are a wonderful initiative by Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam to encourage budding artists and build confidence in them.

I take this opportunity to thank mu guru for spotting my talent in Art at the right time which has given me wonderful experience.I am sure we can find many more budding young artists emerging after the Group Exhibition now proposed to be conducted by Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam. I wish all the participants a great success.
Drawing and painting have been my passion since childhood. Being a student of biology, I had the opportunity of developing my drawing skills. I’ve been associated with Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam for the last one year. Not only have I been able to develop my skills as an artist but have also been able to widen my perspective about the art.

The opportunities that an artist gets in the kalaikudam are definitely worth mentioning. We get to meet prominent artists, exhibit our work and also explore different avenues related to visual art such as sculpture, clay modeling etc. The Kalaikudam is a place which aims at all round development of a person as an artist. Even a pooja is done with so much of sincerity, dedication and fervor. What I really like about being a part of kalaikudam is that, you are treated like a family member. There are regular updates about the current and upcoming events.

Every artist’ exhibition is celebrated and everyone is made to feel at home. The staff makes the environment friendly and amicable.

The canvas has its purpose
It’ll blush with the stroke of the brush
And what did the brush tell
ithout colours I could’nt sell.
Sharing of joyous thoughts of my painting exhibition which was displayed at Gallery Sri Parvathi from June 25th to 27th 2011. The event was a proud moment in my life which gave me more responsible for my strokes and ideas. I share this moment for the tremendous response created by the media like Hindu, Deccan Chronicle, Dinamani (where an article published on the exhibition) and Chutti Vikatan and local dailies.

For all these encomiums paid on me it was the unstinted efforts made by Shri Venkatachalapathy, Director of Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam and teachers who had guided me in drawing and to the paintings which were exhibited. From this exhibition I was told about my strength and weakness, and the areas where and how can I improve in the field of art. My exhibition was visited by more than 500 persons of different groups, lot of art lovers, senior artists who had come and given me more thoughts and ideas which I can never get again in my life.

This exhibition also gave me more creative thoughts and ideas for the future work. First we decided to display only 20 to 25 paintings but with the support given by kalaikudam around 40 paintings were exhibited. Three eminent guests were the Chief guests from different walks of life and also proud that the Principal of Fine Arts College had come and visited my exhibition and gave me his suggestion and ideas.

I thank kalaikudam for the instinct support and guidance given to me.
My solo exhibition helped me a lot in learning the techniques of painting. When I looked at a painting I used to thing whether it is possible for me to draw. But, after learning at kalaikudam I have the confidence to complete a painting.
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