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Our Happy Franchises

Want to run your own Art institute? FRANCHISE is the solution.

Join one of India’s largest and most successful franchises. We are now open in London, Germany, Tiruvannamalai, Madurai, Dubai, Thiruvanmiyur, Hillingdon, Tambaram, Annanagar, Bangalore, Trichy, Australia and Mylapore.

Pavithra_ London Franchise

Pavithra S K | London Franchise

I completed my Diploma in Painting from Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam in the year 2021. I am a licensed architect in India and an Interior Designer. I did my first solo art exhibition in 2013 on the topic ‘Shivatar’. I have done numerous acrylic and water colour paintings. I love to explore various artforms and design. I have also completed Interior design course from University Arts of London. I graduated Architecture from Measi Academy of Architecture in Chennai. I went on to pursue my Master’s in Interior Architecture and Design from CEPT University, Ahmedabad.

My love for art has made me an art teacher in London. I started the franchise on 2020 during the lock down. I teach Drawing and Painting to kids and adults and am successfully running the classes for past 3 years. I have conducted an International workshop on Madhubani Painting and various other types of art.
Lavanya German Franchise

Lavanya L | German Franchise

I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering. I started my career as a software engineer and worked for a couple of years. Together with my husband, I moved to Europe a decade ago. I take every opportunity to learn something new and have learned cooking, baking, vlogging, photography and can also speak German.

During the covid times, when all the kids stayed at home, I heard about online courses. Then I took over the Germany franchise of Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam and started taking online art classes for children. This was a great success for me. With the support of our master Mr. Venkatachalapathy, I completed Diploma in Painting from Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam.

With more than 50 students, I am now successfully running the Germany franchise successfully for the third year and many more will follow.
Haripriya_Tiruvannamalai Franchise

Haripriya Gowrisankar | Tiruvannamalai Franchise

I am basically a self-taught artist. I have done a lot of drawings in my childhood, inspired by my mother. I have completed B.E in computer science and worked as a database administrator and developer for 5 years. After giving birth to my baby, I quit my job and did drawings and paintings during my free time. This motivated me to take a painting course with a professional to improve myself. After that I was inspired and changed my profession as an artist, did a diploma in painting and am pursuing Bachelor of Fine Arts at Sri Annai Kamakshi Music and fine arts college.

I participated in many art exhibitions conducted by Pondicherry Art Academy, Varnika, First National Women’s Art Exhibition at Kalaburgy, Karnataka and Indian Folk Art Exhibition at Chitra Kala Parisad, Bangalore, Dhakshin Chitra, Chennai. I won the “TAS Excellency Jury Award silver Award”, a national level online painting competition conducted by Tirupati Art Society 2021, 3rd prize in Street View painting competition conducted by Turnip Social App, 1st prize in the drawing and painting competition conducted by the Tamilnadu Police on the occasion of the 1st anniversary of the Tamilnadu Police Museum. I also won the best painting award in Chitramela-2022, the 7th International Art Exhibition conducted by Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam, Chennai. I have done many group paintings and a large-scale painting in the Chennai airport on the occasion of 75th Independence Day.

Apart from these, I have also been working as an art teacher in Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam for the last 3 years and won the best teacher award here. I took over the Tiruvannamalai franchise of Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam in 2020, successfully running it from then and teach online.
Sruthi Madurai Franchisee

Sruthi B | Madurai Franchise

I am the Madurai Franchisee of Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam since it was started in November 2020. I had completed my Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering just then. I was selected as the Best Outgoing Student (Girl) of Undergraduate Batch 2020, was the Cadet Under Officer in National Cadet Corps and the coordinator of various events in my college and schools. After completing my internships in two corporate companies, I found that my interest lies in working for my passion and not for someone else. 

When I came to know about the franchising opportunity of Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam, I decided to take over its Madurai Franchise with the support of my parents. I have been successfully running my franchise with my adaptive and optimistic personality and leadership skills by employing art teachers and won the Best Franchise Award from the institution. I have conducted Lippan Art workshop and a 5-day summer workshop on different types of art individually and various other workshops together with the other Franchises of Kalaikudam.

I recently completed Post Graduate Diploma in Management. I took a break from being the Franchise Manager of Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam which involved the management and administration of all the franchises of the institution, to pursue my studies and have resumed it now.

Malavika_Dubai Franchise

Malavika M | Dubai Franchise

I am an MBA graduate and a fashion designer with a passion for art. I have been holding the franchisee of Dubai from January 2021.Art is a form of expression and we at Kalaikudam teach that as per liking and requirement of the individual.
Swathi M | Thiruvanmiyur Franchise

Swathi M | Thiruvanmiyur Franchise

I have completed B.E Computer science and engineering. I have exhibited my paintings in solo and group shows and participated at the International art exhibition conducted by Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam. I have completed Diploma in painting and am passionate about art and craft. I am passionate in teaching art and craft to small kids. I am also looking forward to participate and exhibit my paintings in forthcoming art exhibitions.
Anisha Rukaiya K-Hillingdon Franchise

Anisha Rukaiya K | Hillingdon Franchise

I have completed my Master’s degree in Polymer Science and Technology from Anna University, Chennai. My passion and interest in art help me to pursue Diploma in Painting from Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam now.

In December 2021 when I was 30 years old, I started the Hillingdon franchise in London. I had successfully organised my first International Art Contest on January 2022 and coordinated a sculpture workshop on February 2022 on my first go.

Acrylic and Water colour paintings are my brightside.
Keerthiga Sundar Tambaram Franchise

Keerthiga Sundar | Tambaram Franchise

I am a graduate of Madras University, Chennai, with a D.T.Ed and a B.A. in English. My enduring passion for art has been a driving force since my early years, fostering a lifelong commitment to a career in the arts. I received formal training at Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam, which has further enriched my artistic journey.

In May 2021, I took a significant step by inaugurating the Tambaram Franchise in Tambaram, Chennai.

Since May 2020, I have been successfully operating a kids' play school, where I combine my educational background and artistic interests to provide a nurturing environment for young learners.
Snegha Annanagar Franchise

Snegha G | Annanagar Franchise

I started my passion for painting as a child and continued with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and the artistic journey continues. With the opportunity to join the Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam, I joined the training and have been teaching students since January 2024. I teach students all over the world, in Singapore, California and the USA. I will continue this art journey by teaching them and making them experts in the field of art.
Punitha Balamurugan Mayiladuthurai Franchisee

Punitha Balamurugan | Mayiladuthurai Franchise

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Science and B.Ed. I started my career as a teacher in Private school. During covid days, I needed another job to satisfy my interest in drawing. Then I approached my brother Raghuram who helped me to join Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam and complete my diploma course in painting with the support of our master Venkatachalapathy Sir. Then, I happily started Mayiladuthurai Franchise to pursue my passion in the field of art.
What we need from you:
  • Passion for art-based education
  • Commitment to partnership
  • A small space or studio to handle classes
  • Facility to operate from home 
What we will Provide:
  • Syllabus
  • Training support
  • Systems support
  • Student leads


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