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One Day Camp 08 Oct 2023


One day camp is a special camp for parents and children to get together and have fun. They experience new adventures and learn new things in a safe environment away from home, developing a sense of independence. It creates a chance for the children to make new friends and interact freely with them which boosts their social skills and self-confidence. They also get the opportunity to do various activities together such as singing, painting, dancing, drawing, and playing games, to name a few.

Develop Social Skills:

One day camp creates a community where children cooperate with each other. It gives them the opportunity to interact with their peers inevitably. Living together and doing different tasks draws them together. They learn to work efficiently as part of a team by coordinating and cooperating with each other.

Bond with Nature:

One day camp allows children to connect with nature. Outdoor activities are a great way for children to observe nature and develop an awareness of the natural world. Outdoor experiences are important for a child’s healthy growth and development.

Away from Technology:

Getting involved in the real world by staying away from technology, TV and mobile phones is the right way to nurture children. It encourages them to engage in real activities. In this way, their understanding and ability to interact with real people and complete real tasks is enhanced. They also realize that there is so much more to indulge in for fun.

Learning Opportunities:

One day camps offer children many learning opportunities, be it music, dance or art. Learning in camps is more effective as it gives children more practical knowledge and real experiences.

Visit to Kanchipuram:

1. Kamakshi Amman Dharshan: A visit to Kanchipuram is always peaceful. When we think of Kanchipuram, Goddess Kamakshi comes to mind. We went there and got darshan from Goddess Kamakshi in the morning. We enjoyed the beauty of the carvings and colours on the gopuram and pillars of the temple. You can easily learn the art of sculpture by visiting temples. You can learn it at the Gopuram and the pillars of the temple.

2. Kumarakottam Subramaniyaswamy Temple: After receiving dharshan from Kamakshi, we went to Kumarakottam to receive dharshan from Lord Muruga. The students demonstrated their skills there. They shared the space with each other and worked as a group, developing their team spirit.

3. Jain Temple: After lunch at the hotel, we took a trip to the Jain Temple in Thiruparuthikundram. Our guide Mr. Babu explained to us the history of the temple from its beginnings.

4. Mamandur: We went to Tusi Mamandur where we started painting nature. Our Director and Principal, Mr. S. Venkatachalapathy completed the spot in a few minutes. Our college, Kalaikudam and art gallery students also participated inspot painting enthusiastically.


One day camp is not just about having fun. The value of the experience is much more important. It has a positive impact on the child in many ways. It develops the child’s mental, physical and social skills. It is an opportunity for them to grow emotionally and socially. They become more independent and self-confident. A day camp teaches them some of life’s most important lessons.

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