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Pen drawing

In fine art, Pen drawing is a technique executed wholly or partly with black and other coloured inks which are usually applied on a paper with a pen. There are many types of pens available for drawing, such as: Drawing pens, Dip or Nib pens, Fountain pens, Graphic pens, Drafting pens, Reed pens and even Ball point pens. This technique is fundamentally a linear method of making images. Low cost, availability, and portability are qualities which make this technique a versatile art media for professional artists as well as amateur doodlers. The History of Pen drawing can be traced back to ancient-Egyptian times, and this traditional, versatile media was primarily used for sketches, finished drawings or ink and wash paintings.

If you are using only one color ink on paper, you’ll basically be working in two colors: the color of your ink, and the color of your paper. Each will play off the other. In pen drawings, the blank space or white space is just as important as the markings made with the pen. Therefore, you need to pay as much attention to what’s going on in the background as you are to what you’re doing with the pen. There are three main aspects to consider when selecting paper to use for your pen drawing: weight, texture, and preservation. Popular choices for pen and ink drawing include watercolor paper, block printing paper and mixed media paper.

There are various different pen drawing techniques. The most common techniques used are:
1. Cross-hatching
2. Stippling
3. Contour Lines
4. Weaving
5. Scribbling

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